Prince & Saviour

2017 Band: Prince & Savior will be leading our students in worship this year.


 Born out of a passion to see sinners healed, through hope.
My hope is that these songs bring us all into the presence of God. Into that safety given to us by the author of true love and peace.
Call it ‘P&S’ or call it ‘Prince & Saviour’.
This music project cannot be identified by one person but by all people seeking the answer.
Let us believe together.
A lonely songwriter sat at his desk one night, pondering the depths of despair. As he traveled through his own tragedies, he knew he needed rescue.
The days seemed longer than before; consisting less of the love we need and more of the infection known as division.
“Do I have a chance of survival”, the songwriter asked?
…there was no answer.
He dug deeper into the nothingness and found the reason for it. It was the loss of hope.
As hope faded, self-inflicted wounds began to show. He became crippled as the guilt of sinful days plagued his mind.
The desire to create music dwindled and singing didn’t seem meaningful any longer. The romantic love, found on earth was only a cheap imitation of never-ending love.
Then hope grew…
The vision became more clear as he focused in on the gift that had been given. The melodies were innocent yet powerful.
Not as powerful as they could be, not without more people singing along.
You know the ones.
Those that have been misplaced and misused; the ones blindly grasping for something more profound than their own words. More meaningful than their own lives.
A purpose. A vision going beyond the veil.
When ‘Prince & Saviour’ was created I saw something beyond what I can explain.
Though the human tongue cannot truly express its longing for hope nor can the heart begin to align itself with righteousness – I knew there was an advocate.
Some one outside of my control yet so sovereign and powerful in governance over eternity.
We belong in that eternity; sitting at the feet of royalty and experiencing safety for the first time.