Registration is quick and easy. Follow these four simple steps and we will handle the rest.

Registration and Room Reservations are all handled by Statewide.  To register:

1) Fill out Registration Form (mailed or online registration)

Registrations should be postmarked by January 29th, 2018.  Registrations marked after January 31st will be an additional $5 per person.

Programming cost: $40 per person

Room fee is $140 per night ($280 for the weekend) and can be divided by the number in the room (4 per room as the maximum.)

Registration does not include food expenses.

Please include a $30 nonrefundable deposit for each person attending in your group.  Deposits are transferable within the same group but non-refundable.

2) Room Assignment Form

Rooms must be reserved with Statewide by February 12th, 2018 after that date we can not guarantee block prices or availability.

3) Release Form for every participant (teens and adults)

4)  One check for group to Michigan Statewide Ministries