Welcome, here is how the weekend plays out.

It is the best humans can plan.

We can not speak on behalf of what God has in mind for this weekend. But history proves it is going to be great!

Friday, March 3rd

   4:30pm – Registration Opens

   7:30pm – Doors Open for Session 1

   8:00pmMain Session 1

   10:00pm – Youth Group/Free Time

Saturday, March 4th

Good morning! Get yourself cafinated, it’s going to be a great day.

   8:30am – Doors open for Session 2

   9:00amMain Session 2

   11:00amCalibrate  1

   12:00pm – Lunch Break

   2:00pmCalibrate 2

  3:00pm– Dinner Break

   6:30pm – Doors open for Main Session 3

   7:00pmMain Session 3

   9:00pmEntertainment/Free Time

Get to bed, we still have another day. Let’s end strong.

Sunday, March 5th

   8:30am – Doors open for Main Session 4

   9:00amMain Session 4

   11:00am – Statewide Ends

Safe travels. We want to see you at Statewide 2018!