Nerd Chapel



2017 Mission: Statewide is excited to host Nerd Chapel, led by Eric Anderson, as our mission focus!


Eric is a follower of Jesus who happens to be a nerd as well. He brings these together to share the hope of Christ at gaming and comics conventions around Michigan and beyond. Originally, he just hosted game nights at his house and it grew after that into Nerd Chapel. This has brought on such endeavors as You Tube videos, blogs, and more.

Eric interacts with the nerd community through board games, cosplay and attending conventions which sometimes includes a table at conventions with devotional materials and a friendly opportunity for discussion. He often leads chapel services on Sunday mornings with some worship and a nerd friendly, Bible-based message at conventions. He finds many allegories and redemptive stories in comic books, science fiction, and even anime and video games that are useful in pointing people to Jesus. Looking around, he realized that although there are devotionals for sports fans and women’s groups, etc., no one had written one for nerds and geeks. So, he co-wrote a devotional for nerds and geeks called “42: Discovering Faith through Fandom” with science fiction/fantasy author (and Christian) Nathan Marchand. He has also been a guest on the Theology Gaming podcast, where they talk about theology and video games.